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PetSurf's Amazing Features

Once you try Pet Surf, you'll be wild about it! Here's why.

Easy to use!

Create an account for you and your pet, search for boarding facilities by area code, book your reservation and pay online.

Effortless communication!

Our website, iOS, and Android apps makes it easy for you to stay in contact with your chosen boarding facility while getting photo/video updates, report card updates, and alerts.

Medical record storage!

Access to your pets medical records with ease and convenience.

Secure online payment!

We hold your payment until your reservation is confirmed. You'll never have to worry about cash.

Loving and trained staff!

Your pet stays with responsible, trained staff at rated and approved boarding facilities.

24/7 support!

Our team is here around the clock to answer questions, help with last-minute bookings, and support our boarding facilities and veterinarians.

What PetSurf Does!

Finding trusted pet care should never be a hassle, but it is! Searching for a reputable pet care provider within your local area can be a very time-consuming and stressful process. Currently, there is no easy and hassle-free way to find reputable boarding facilities with available space, book a reservation for your pet, provide your pets medical records, AND pay for your pets stay all on one platform.

Pet Surf simplifies the process of finding, booking, transferring pet medical records and paying for your pets’ stay at boarding facilities. Pet Surf is a web and mobile application that facilitates the discovery and selection of boarding facilities, booking, and payment all in one seamless user experience by connecting pet owners, veterinarian s and boarding facilities.

Here's how it works

With Pet Surf, your pet is cared for by responsible, trained, and loving staff, while you are traveling or just out for the day

Browse boarding facilities near you

Book and pay all online

Request and provide vaccination records

Now RELAX while your fur baby is cared for

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